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How to hire a DJ

February 21st, 2012 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

The bottom line in deciding on your DJ, and the two most important determining factors should be experience and personality. You should always opt for the DJ with the most experience and the best personality – specifically wedding reception experience – that you can find.  The experience and the personality MUST come in the form of mic prowess.  Simply pushing play does not require you have experience to combat your stage fright.  Experience on the mic, in front of live crowds, over and over… DOES require experience and personality to be great.

There is a flow to wedding receptions and a professional, experienced wedding DJ that has done many of them is familiar with how receptions proceed. They know the traditions and how to MC to keep your reception moving along with quality transitions and keep your guests happy and dancing. There is also nobody that can save your reception faster when something goes wrong (food gets delayed along with countless other things that can and do go wrong…)  than a really experienced wedding reception DJ. Most of the time your guests will never know of a problem as the DJ has kept them entertained while the problem was fixed.

One of the best ways to find a top-notch wedding DJ is to ask the venue where your reception is being held if they have one that has done numerous weddings there that they can recommend. A DJ that knows the venue and the support staff and has worked it many times before is a real advantage, obviously has the experience and can really help things run super smoothly.

If you are using a DJ company, it is typically a good idea to hire the owner of the company. The owner will likely cost a buit more to hire but they will also likely have more experience and they are well worth the extra money. You can specify this in your contract with no substitutions allowed so they can’t switch at the last minute.  At the very least, whomever you choose to hire, MAKE SURE… actually DEMAND that you at least get to meet the DJ that will be performing at your wedding so that you can make an educated decision on the person… not just the terms and the company.  Also, always have your own backup plan, even if you’re using the best DJ company on the planet, and always check in quickly and confirm a month, and then the week before your wedding to make sure everything is still on track. In reality, if you hire a PROFESSIONAL DJ company, they should be doing this for you, but unfortunately not all DJ companies are as committed to customer satisfaction as Seattle Wedding DJ.

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