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August 21st, 2013 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

Seattle Wedding DJ is so extremely proud to announce that our photo booth service has created an identity of it’s own!  We are proud to launch our partner company, Seattle Photo Booth.  Now with it’s own website, contract, services, and booking schedule… we can better serve our clients and the Puget Sound area with increased customer support and service as well as augmented quality of service and satisfaction.

We have offered a high quality Photo Booth product as a service offering, but now it has a life of it’s own!  Please visit the website, to see details on the services and pricing.  Here are a few reasons why I feel it is superior to MOST Photo Booth companies I have seen at recent weddings:

  • Equipment: Our equipment is of the highest quality, tested and trusted to be reliable and purchased with quality and innovation in mind, not price.
  • Personnel: We are fun. And nice.  Shockingly I have seen MANY Photo Booth’s at weddings where the operator was drab, quiet, shy and just otherwise not fun.
  • We are open air: Dozens of Photo Booth companies offer an actual “booth” that you get inside of.  This limits light, exposure, quality… and the biggest limitation… a max of like 3 people in your picture.  We have a huge, 10×10 back drop to fit 4, 6, 10, even more people into one picture.
  • Our printer is amazing!: The onsite printing that we offer in either color or black and white is superior to 99% of the Photo Booth products available! Your guests can look on a screen, choose the prints they want, and have them in hand in 10 seconds.
  • We are compact and mobile: We take up a space about 6’x6′. That’s it!  We setup and tear down quick. All of our equipment was assembled with ease of setup and movement in mind.
  • Affordability: Many, if not most, of our competition are expensive!  Really expensive.  We have seen both open air AND actual booth’s sell for 1300-2000 for the day.  Huh?!? Why book an inferior product, weak photo printing and less fun, for up to double to fee???  Ridiculous!

If you, or someone you know, is on the search for a great Photo Booth experience at a very reasonable rate… Let them know about us!  We are local, nice, easy to work with, affordable and offer an incredible final product to you and your guests.  Period.  No fancy slogans or crazy promises. Just high quality equipment, amazing customer service and hard work. That’s it.

Call us today to get booked!

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