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January 19th, 2012 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

Entertainment is an art and a science. No two audiences are exactly alike. Each event is completely unique and it is Seattle Wedding DJ’s job to ensure that your guests are fully engaged and having an incredible time. This article provides a few important ideas of why hiring a DJ vs. a band is definitely the way to go.  Bands are great for a particular type of show, however they are typically limited in reportoire, the ability to take requests and their MC skills.

If you are planning on throwing a big event such as a wedding or corporate party, you should certainly provide the best entertainment possible for your guests to enjoy. There are so many different types of entertainment routes you could choose but one of the most entertaining additions to any wedding or banquet is certainly a DJ.

Depending on the type of event, a professional DJ is usually called upon to provide your guests with the time of their lives. Other forms of event entertainment (like bands for instance) are able to provide varying degrees of entertainment for your guests but they simply do not have access to the extensive collections of music or sound effects that a professional DJ will.

Whether it be a themed party bringing back the 80’s for a night, a trendy party with cutting edge music that is popular NOW, or some mix of both… a DJ can provide it ALL. A band… well, it just can’t. If a band is selected as the primary entertainment at your wedding reception expect them to play two sets, about an hour a piece, with a big break in between and severe limitation on the quantity and breadth of songs they can play and cater to requests with.

DJ’s can also do much more at a wedding event than just simply play music. In fact, Seattle Wedding DJ will also control lighting, act as the primary announcer at your event, and coordinate with the planners of your event to present a professional and entertaining experience for all for your guests to enjoy.

Due to the versatility of Seattle Wedding DJ’s services, many clients take advantage of our capabilities in a variety of ways. Whether you need to have children entertained at a school dance, corporate professionals entertained through a long work event/party, or a group of guests at your wedding comprised of your friends and family ranging from babies to grandmas…  a DJ can easily provide the appropriate entertainment meeting the boogie-down needs of all your guests.

Seattle Wedding DJ is exceptional at executing the perfect reception with regards to MC skill.  Nothing can derail a reception quicker than a hack on the microphone running your itinerary of events throughout the evening.  Skill, confidence, experience, great equipment and so much more go into being an expert at announcements, coordinating/introducing speakers, and ensuring that the flow happens exactly how you drew it up.

Ultimately, whether you are planning a wedding or you are planning a corporate event, a DJ entertainer SHOULD be utilized to make the event pop! If you partner with Seattle Wedding DJ to entertain the guests at your party, you can expect hilarity, fun, excitement, and personality. Also, Seattle Wedding DJ’s services are completely customizable, so if you decide to hire the best for your event, you will be able to fine tune a package to perfectly suit all of the unique needs that you and your guests might have.  Let’s talk!  and then… Let’s party!

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