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January 16th, 2012 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard about the bad experiences of the wedding reception world.  The funny thing is that no matter how many times I hear stories of terrible music, glitches in equipment causing dead airtime, kooks on the microphone, etc… I am still surprised (you would think by now I would just nod my head and say, “mmhmm… heard this before!”).  It still shocks me that brides and grooms have disappointment POST wedding nuptials due to a  sub par DJ/MC.  You might be asking, “Why the surprise?” if I hear this so often… it boils down to preparation… Let me explain.

WAY before your day actually arrives, there are dozens of details (if not more) that require your attention to pull off the greatest day of your lives.  You pour your time and emotion (and money) into ensuring that everything is just how you want it… flowers, venue, gowns, cakes, tuxes, gym memberships and teeth whitening… but when it comes to the entertainment… typically, this is a fleeting thought that exits your mind as quickly as it entered as you hire either a) the highest ranking website for whatever keyword you “googled” or b) a friend has a cousin who will only charge you $100 (even though on your friend’s recommendation, they have DJ/MC’ed A LOT and are “really good”).

The MC of your reception is easily the most important ingredient in the recipe that makes your reception memorable for you and ALL your guests. Your reception is gauranteed to be memorable for one of two reasons… either they were awesome… or they were the polar opposite of awesome.  Your guests will be talking about your reception afterward… would you like them to say things like how much they loved the music, the flow was perfect, the events happened in order, the person on the microphone was cordial and professional at the same time they were warm and fun?  OR!  They will say things like, “Yikes, it felt like no one knew what to do… what was next. It sounded like the DJ equipment was cheap or not set up right.  The guy that was talking all night was horrible! He played inappropriate music and it was way too loud.” Etc. Etc.  You get the idea?  Maybe you have BEEN one of those people talking about the quality of the entertainment and the MC skills at someone else’s wedding?

What (might you ask) is Seattle Wedding DJ’s method to curb the likelihood of this happening to OUR clients?!? Planning.  Experience. Professionalism.  A wake of utterly happy clients who will all say the same thing about Seattle Wedding DJ. “Top notch, white glove service that I would recommend to anyone looking for a great DJ/MC at an affordable rate.”  Simple.  To me… perfection is in the details.  We plan.  We meet with you when you hire us. We meet with you again to complete a questionnaire (slightly lengthy… but again… DETAILS!) so that we know EVERYTHING about what you want from us.  Itinerary, music selection, flow, handling requests, humor, equipment, set up, tear down, and so much more go into making sure that your day is memorable… (for the AWESOME reasons)

Details. Experience.  Confidence. Professionalism. Customer service… These ideas still mean something to my company.  I have extensive experience with music as well as on a microphone.  This is a must if you are going to let the person you hire SPEAK into a microphone at your reception. How do they sound? Are they confident? Are they rehearsed? Can they think on the fly/improvise? Do they ADD to the fun, or DISTRACT people from the fun?

The planning meetings (and open dialogue) leading up to the event are so critical to it’s success.  Preparation is the key to confidence, which is the key to a successful performance. Ask any stage performer and they will all say the same thing…  When they are not prepared, they are at their worst. “Winging it” ends in disaster 10 times out of 10.  Make no mistake about it… DJ/MC-ing a wedding reception is a performance!  If you have someone carrying out those duties who cannot (or is not prepared to) perform… unfortunately, sub-standard is what you will be left with.

I sincerely apologize for sounding a bit trite (maybe even negative) about this… but I can’t stress enough that when it comes to the DJ and MC duties for your reception… Cut rate, friend of a friend, random website DJ’s are gauranteed to drop the quality of the entire night.  How do you ensure that it doesn’t happen to you?  Simple.

Interview! Ask questions! Then ask yourself if this is the best fit to be providing the entertainment and THE VOICE for your reception… Remember… perfection IS attainable.  But only if you hire the best.

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