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February 15th, 2013 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized
Seattle Wedding DJ at Lord Hill Farms

Reception at Lord Hill Farms this January

Hey guys… It’s me Sean.  I am the owner of Seattle Wedding DJ and lover of life in general (which is why I started this company… I like to party!)… even more accurate than that… I LOVE to provide the party!  That moment of anticipation, when one song is winding down, 4 solid gold minutes of dancing just happened… and the attendees are just waiting for the first few notes of the next song.  It’s my job to create smiles in that moment… and I delight in doing so.  There are a lot of pointed sentences that follow… be warned.

There is ONE thing about this business (wedding industry in general) that I like even more than providing a great party… and that is being the absolute BEST business owner, wedding vendor, and revolutionary that I can be.  I meet clients and hear story after story of what they are afraid of when they are considering hiring a DJ/MC company.  They are afraid of having the hack, sales-y MC comedian that they saw at their friends wedding.  They are afraid of having a DJ like their cousin had who wouldn’t listen to what music the client wanted and, instead, they just played whatever THEY wanted.  The DJ at their best friend’s wedding was rude to their guests… The 10 DJ/MC companies that they have researched typical aren’t up front about pricing… they list goes on and on.

What I feel differentiates myself and all of our company’s MC’s from our competitors IS the high quality, ultra professional MC skill we bring to an event.  We do not linger on the microphone, but instead bring the perfect blend of fun and professionalism to uniquely keep your guests in the know all evening long.  We are not show DJ’s. We are not there for our own glory.  We are humble to the point of deflecting all praise and spotlight to the client, at all times.  We are extremely prepared ahead of time, never thinking of/searching for what to say WHILE we are on the mic.  “Uhhh… Ummm… ” are not in our vocab.  All of these things will cause an MC to fall flat on their face.  We have all seen terrible variations of these examples… and you deserve better.

I am making it my mission in life to provide the highest quality services in the Seattle Wedding industry, for the absolute best value possible.  In the past year we have added Photo Booth service as well as movie production to generate the highest quality reception slideshow movie that the world has ever seen.  We are in the process of a very exciting, revolutionary addition to our repertoire that is hopefully coming very soon.

I have done a ton of research on pricing.  I know what most of my competitors are offering, and at what price point.  This research shows me a few things… one, I know I am the not the cheapest around.  I am also not nearly the most expensive.  I am on the inexpensive end of “the middle”… and I strive to stay RIGHT THERE!  I do this to provide value.  I believe, as our past clients will attest to, that you cannot hire a higher quality MC vendor… even for thousands of dollars more.  Period. To add to this… we have made official our “non-Saturday” discount, as well as our active duty Military discount.

We have recently instituted an across the board, industry changing Service Guarantee that simply states, if we drop the ball in any way or otherwise don’t follow through with our promises, we will return a portion of your fee… no questions asked.

Yes, a wedding vendor that guarantees the quality of our service and the level of your satisfaction… or your money back.  I think that speaks for itself.

Let me buy you a cup of coffee… Chat. Don’t just listen to what a DJ says when they answer your questions… listen to how they answer.  How they talk about their company, and how they will take care of you will tell you everything you need to know.

Here we go!

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