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December 17th, 2011 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

In today’s fast paced world full of industries that are saturated with garbage for you to choose from, there is a trend rising up in the e-commerce world that all “soon-to-be bridal parties” should be aware of.   The internet has become a marketplace where anyone and everyone can create a global storefront for their make shift business.  The problem is this… There are SO MANY to choose from, how do you possibly begin to navigate through it all and intelligently differentiate the great from the good and the mediocre from the… well… less than mediocre.  Allow me to give you some tips to try and help…

Interview.  It is more than reasonable for you to have the opportunity to meet with, and talk to, THE person who will be your DJ.  The actually DJ who will be running your reception… right there in front of you in flesh and blood.  Are they professional? Can they talk? Can you easily picture them speaking through a microphone to your friends and family and sounding like an intelligent and entertaining person? If not, don’t hire them.  Picture how well they will handle the announcement of your grand entrance as the bride and groom… How well will they interact with your guests? You are paying this person. Do they listen to what you want and all the while make you feel special on your wedding day?

If you search on search engines, beware.  The top results will be PAID, sponsored sites.  They pay for adword space on a per click basis.  For example, if you search for something on Google, the Sponsored results are businesses who pay Google to be there.  If you click on the link and go through to their website, Google charges them fifteen cents (or whatever the keyword term is worth).  Hence the term, Pay-per-click.  Many of these business results are national companies who get themselves ranked on Google, but aren’t actually local businesses.  They get you on their site, they get your information, they get you to hire them and then they will find a local DJ.  They contract with local DJ’s to send them the referral and take a fee.  Many of the natural, organic listings (non-paid results) these companies as well.  Scrutinize their information.  Don’t assume because they are number one when you search for “Seattle Wedding DJ” that they are local businesses.  Many of these people have never seen the Space Needle in person!

How would you feel? Would you have the utmost confidence in a DJ and their abilities if you were just the next referral name on their list that they paid for?  You want to hire a talented, local person.  You DON”T want to be handed off to a local person who pays for your name.  It is a very good sign if your DJ has referral partners locally.  A great indicator of locale and trust is whether your DJ has local connections and vendor relationships.

Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable about trusting the person you hire to play the right music and be great on the microphone for 4 hours or more.  If you don’t have a peace about hiring someone, keep looking. Continue interviewing potential DJ’s until you feel completely comfortable about someone.


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