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January 21st, 2012 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

Wedding receptions are intended to celebrate the love of two people. Celebrate! Family and friends gather to have fun and party with you. A common trend I am witnessing in our current budget-weary, economy, however, is a bit disturbing. Many Brides are being advised by venue coordinators to have their friends help them with organization, planning, and even DJing their wedding.  HUH?!?

When your friends hear you are getting married they will often times offer to help you plan it. They are eager to help because they love you. Some might have experience with planning their own wedding and may actually have some good advice. Although these are good sentiments, weddings are a tremendous amount of work and should be handled by professionals.  The planning can quickly overwhelm you (and your helpful, well intentioned friends) and your budget can get out of hand extremely fast!

While having family and friends help with your wedding may save (a little) cost… it is a burden on them and, ultimately, they aren’t the experts. In one of my recent weddings the Bride had recruited the help of her best friend, sister, and a cousin to do photography. While these ladies were organized and prepared as well as helping the Bride with many important items, they also appeared as stressed as a vendor the whole day without the experience to handle it. They ran around making sure things were in place, and except for the photographer’s cousin, they were not professionals. They could only focus on the tasks they were given. In the end they did not fully enjoy the celebration because they were working not to mention the fact that the photos weren’t what they could’ve been.

Here are 3 ways to avoid having to make family work:

  1. Hire a “Day Of” wedding planner:  Although it’s called “day of” planning,  the planner comes into play about 3 months before the wedding. It will be assumed that 90 days out from your wedding all the major items such as venue, vendors, and catering have been secured. Their job is to plan, coordinate, and orchestrate all that will happen at your wedding. The planner will be there through out the entire event to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. You can find wedding planners in most of the popular sites such as The Knot or Wedding Wire.
  2. Hire family/Friends:  If you can’t afford to hire a professional planner, then have your helpers train themselves on how to plan. Many wedding sites have planners they can use. In return you will pay them for their help even if they don’t want it. Don’t accept their help if they are not willing to get paid. Even if it means a gift of equal value to payment.
  3. Hire an MC:  Professional MC’s are extremely helpful as they help to direct the reception events. A good MC will work with all the vendors and venue staff to ensure that all the events run smoothly. If they also happen to DJ (like we do at Seattle Wedding DJ… shameless plug, but hey… It’s my website!) then it’s a double win for you.

Notice in all 3 suggestions I said “hire”.  Weddings are events that must be managed well in order to make them successful. It also takes a tremendous amount of teamwork among everyone to ensure success.

Have you recently been at a wedding where there was a lack of planning or organization? Or a serious lack of MC skill? Don’t let that be you…. You have waited for this day to happen your entire life. This day, above any other day… good is NOT good enough. Hire the best! (us…)

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