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Wedding Music

January 19th, 2012 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

Hey folks!  Let’s talk for a minute about MUSIC for your wedding reception…

If you are planning a reception (or any type of party) most likely one of your main goals is for your guests to dance and have fun! One thing that makes a party memorable as well as fantastic is the music that is played at the event. But how do you know what people will want to listen to? Here are a few questions to get you started:

1. Who ARE the guests at the party?

2. What is the age range of those guests? (Do you have to consider kids and grandmas?)

3. What do think  most people at the party listen to (and most importantly, will dance to)?

4. When you think of your party what do YOU want to hear?

5. What images come to mind when you think of your party?

We think, feel, and taste through our senses. Music is one of the most amazing ingredients to twitterpating our senses and making us move. When we eat something sweet, we hum and move. When we laugh, we make sounds and move. So when you think of your party you see people moving, dancing, laughing, eating, and having a good time and all of that adds up to amazing memories and a fantastic evening.

Your music list should include something for everybody. If it’s a wedding with a wide range of guests playing songs from the 70’s and 80’s is always a hit. Don’t be surprise some people even want some 50’s oldies but goodies. You will always fair well playing top 40’s. Top 40’s are songs that are being played on the national radio stations and these work so well because the majority of your guests will know them. Top 40’s do well with mixed crowds because the main streem has either heard the song or the artist at some point.

The key is having a variety of music styles to suit most of the people at your event. A good rule of thumb is that unless it’s a heavy metal or hard core rap or rock theme, stay away from music that is hard to understand or has overly loud instruments. That would be a sure fire way to empty your dance floor!  Other than that… Hire a DJ who knows what they are doing.  At Seattle Wedding DJ, we have the crowd in mind at all times. We don’t play all of our favorites because it is not about us.  It is about you and your guests.  What will keep them dancing and smiling?  The mood of the crowd can ebb and flow with the night as well, so make sure the DJ you choose can read the crowd and understand what will work next!

Let’s talk… and then, let’s party!

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