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February 12th, 2012 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

Since we are local born and raised AND perform at dozens of weddings in the Seattle area each year, we speak to a lot of people each and every day who are searching for the right entertainment for their wedding. The majority of our potential cleints have never hired a DJ for anything before and have no idea where to start. Unfortunately, with this lack of experience in interviewing for the right person to hire the number one question we get (without fail)  is “how much do you charge?” Cost is definitely an important factor in who to hire… but it’s just ONE factor. It’s not the only factor.  I understand why people ask this question as a wedding is a major investment (and you do have to set a budget for any type of event) but the one thing I advise all couples on is that it should not (should NOT) be the determining factor in choosing a DJ, as a DJ can either make or break a reception.

 Budgets will definitely vary as the average cost of a wedding in Seattle is over $15,000. When you look at the big picture a Disc Jockey usually only accounts for about 5% of your wedding budget (which is small when you consider that this person is RUNNING the show for the majority of the night!). The DJ is one of your less expensive wedding vendors (sure it’s AWESOME to leave in a stretch Hummer limo, but that has no bearing on the success of the night). Without exception, the number one question that all past clients asked themselves was… “Did we have fun?” (Number 2 was how good was the food?) I say give it TWO years tops and your guests will not remember what they ate at your reception… but they WILL remember if they had a good time or not. So here are some things to consider when choosing THE most important vendor for your wedding reception.

A lot of the DJ’s you will run across in Seattle (especially if you are “googling”) charge less because they do not have the same level of experience to offer, which in many cases could result in disastrous outcomes.  The will flash “4-5 hours for $395!” on their websites and google ads.  Since you are familiar with google, try googling “Bait and switch” and read about this tactic.  They upcharge for everything and you end up paying as much, if not more than an honest, up front DJ running a professional business.  They also charge this much because they have to… to get the business.  You will likely see cheap equipment and a lack of experience and confidence… You DON’T want that when it comes to YOUR wedding reception. You want AWESOME! Keep in mind most DJ’s in the market are smaller, part time companies and although their packages might appear similar, the service itself is not the same. Most do not carry the same quality of equipment (and although they say they have a digital system, using their Laptop they also use for School is not professional). In addition most do not carry the essential back up equipment, and although it is rarely needed, if your wedding is the exception it is good to know your wedding will not be ruined because of this. What if the DJ you hire is sick or there is a last minute emergency and they do not have a solid back up plan you could be out of luck (and believe me this happens much more than one might think in the wedding industry). These are just some things to keep an eye out for in choosing a DJ. It is always important to go with a reputable, full time wedding business to handle such an important event.

Seattle Wedding DJ is Seattle’s premier DJ/MC service. We are a well-established company run by a professional, not a “pant’s sagging, snobby club DJ”. My firm specializes in wedding receptions, with over 90% of our events each year being weddings. My packages are all inclusive and include the correct amount of time for the reception and also includes features many companies treat as optional, for instance: a professional digital sound system, upgraded lighting, wireless microphone system, on site back up equipment, and MC service to run the itinerary of your reception and handle announcements. You can find DJ’s “advertised” pricing as low as $400.00 (and remember, Bait and Switch… this is just where they “start” before the add-ons! The average cost of a Full Time, reputable DJ company is typically $1000.00 to $1500.00 (with my company being at the low end of the average). At Seattle Wedding DJ we fully understand that everyone wants to save money, but when looking at the full picture, if you’re spending $20,000 on a wedding, at the end of the day, paying a couple hundred dollars more for a professional, full time quality DJ only costs you 1% more overall. The quality of service received however, will far outweigh the additional money spent as a DJ can make or break a wedding reception.  When you hire a cut-rate DJ… a “broken party” is usually what you end up with.

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