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I would like to publicly thank all of you who are visiting who took the time to vote Seattle Wedding DJ and Sean Antonius as the Best Wedding DJ in Western Washington on Evening Magazine.

At first I didn’t even realize that the contest was going on.  This is the first full year in business for Seattle Wedding DJ, so being a part of the annual hoopla wasn’t on my radar. I quickly found out we were nominated and I thought, “Why not actually try to win this thing.  I didn’t really expect to get a ton of traffic or business from it, but did figure that it was a great idea just from an awareness viewpoint.  At the time of this writing, Seattle Wedding DJ is currently in a tight race for 2nd place.  It is actually really hard work to get ranked that high.

Seattle Wedding DJ voted among the Best!

It is quite time consuming to lobby and campaign to all of your friends and family to get votes.  I am proud of the company that this has grown to be and I work hard to protect that reputation and give everyone I meet the pinnacle of great service, kind interaction and amazing delivery in my product.  Seattle Wedding DJ has a reputation in it’s young life of quickly becoming the preferred DJ in the area.  Mix that with my affordability compared to most of the companies at the top, and to me… it’s an easy choice.

Anyway, the point of this post was to say thank you.  Thank you for all the amazing people I have met in this last year.  I have been hired by some very fantastic folks and had the privilege of providing the party for their special day.  Hopefully they will never forget how fun it was.