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I wanted to write a quick little blurb about my relationship over the past year with David’s Bridal here in the Puget Sound.  Seattle Wedding DJ has had the distinct pleasure of being the exclusively preferred DJ vendor for their Lynnwood (Alderwood Mall) location.  This month we are adding the Burlington Mall store to that equation as well!

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What this means in a nutshell is that for all the brides who visit those stores, the only DJ/MC service that they hear about, register to hear from, or get referrals to… is Seattle Wedding DJ.  Us.

Seattle Wedding DJ

This has been an incredibly lucrative and profitable relationship for my company and I am grateful that I came across the opportunity in the beginning.  What it means in a PR sense is that I am a local company in a trusted relationship with a national brand.  I am honored to say that.  I am in the process of using that relationship as a model to clone similar relationships with other local bridal shops and boutiques as well as venues and venue operators.  I truly believe that the wedding industry is a relationship business.  Building local relationships with venue operators, bridal shops, and ASB/Activities coordinators and providing all of them with excellence in service, communication, equipment and delivery is the key to building the #1 brand in DJ/MC service.  Social media is king now.  Blanket marketing, paying for a magazine page or paying for a spot on some wedding mill website that places you among 10 other vendors offering the same service as you… well… needless to say, is less effective.

Relationships. Referrals. Trust. Quality. These will always win over marketing dollars.  This sentiment proves itself to be true time and time again.  Every time I attempt some half-cocked expenditure on the next great lead generator… It falls on it’s face.

Here is the funniest thing about Relationships. Referrals. Trust. Quality…. It takes time and HARD WORK to achieve.   There is no shortcut.  You can’t buy them.  When you come by our service via these 4 things… It is worth checking out.  The guarantees write themselves.  All you will get is a good, reputable, hard working, experienced, ultra-local and ultra-high quality company that will do everything in our power to give you the best.

Why? Because only the best will produce a happy client telling their loved ones to hire us too… when the need arises.  Again… Relationships are king.