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Wedding DJ prices

October 26th, 2012 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

At Seattle Wedding DJ, we research our competition.  I want to know everything I can about my target market and all the players within that market.  As I research my competition (which I do… a lot) I see a common “thing” among competitor websites.  The wedding DJ industry (at least in the Seattle area) is full of websites that don’t publish their rates.  This bothers me for several reasons… As a competitor, of course I want to know what they charge… BUT… putting that thought aside for a bit… as a consumer, this would seriously frustrate me.

What are they trying to hide?  I have thought about this quite a bit, and here are some of the motivations behind it.

  1. They want to be able to get the consumer’s information (name, phone number, email, etc.) prior to divulging their rates.  They are required to fill out a form with all their contact info, to “check availability” before the consumer can see the prices.
  2. These companies are just not that confident about their value.
  3. They want the ability to alter/negotiate the price from one client to the next.
  4. They don’t want other DJ’s in the market to know their pricing.
  5. They want the ability to “bait and switch” the consumer, or “upwell” them later. AKA, they don’t want to be “held” to a certain price point.
Seattle Wedding DJ pricesAt Seattle Wedding DJ, we don’t practice business this way.  Our rates are very up front, and our rates page provides all the detail the consumer needs to make educated decisions. Each service offering provides the detail so that you know exactly what you get (including the intangibles of peace of mind, commitment, and promise)…

“If you don’t talk about prices, you’re not playing fair with the reader.  Respect your customers and readers. Tell them the truth.” Matthew Stibbe,

“Publishing prices is somewhat of a no-brainer – you want to publish your prices. But you also need to answer as many of their other questions as possible, or they’ll walk away… not because of the price, but because their egos don’t yet feel safe enough to trust the heart.”  Mark Silver

It begs the question… if a DJ service is hiding their rates… what ELSE are they not being “up front” about?


Wedding DJ prices

December 17th, 2011 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

There is a lot to think about when planning a wedding. Your dream wedding. That is the understatement of the year! There is the venue, officiant, bridal party, day, time, guests, invitations, dresses, flowers, decorations, reception, photographer… (overwhelmed yet?)… cake, music, itinerary, speeches, etc. We all know I could keep going as there are 100 more things to plan for and consider.

Every piece of the puzzle has its own price range. What you are willing to pay has a direct corellation with the level of quality you should expect to get. If you hire a super discount photographer with little to no experience or reputation, you should expect some sub-standard photos. Likewise with flowers, catering, and every other service provider you are hiring to play a part in your special day.

Your DJ is no different. When you are deciding on a DJ service to hire, there are so many things to consider. Keep in mind that you are hiring this person to control what music your guests hear and at what volume, with what epuipment, at what interval, in what order, at what speed and with what lyrics. I cannot stress enough the importance that all of these things play in the quality of your reception, and that’s just the music!

Consider also how important your Master of Ceremony (MC) is. The DJ service you hire typically provides this service in addition to just playing music. The DJ will control the microphone. They will keep the flow moving along, introduce people, organize speeches and transitions, and more. You could potentially hear this person’s voice a lot through out the night. Can they talk well? Do you like their voice? Are they nice, cordial, funny (without being a hack), confident and all the other traits that you would expect in a Master of Ceremonies.

Say that out loud once… Master of Ceremony. The term “MC” has taken on a Hip-hop connotation and has lost some impact. But Master of Ceremony has power. It is important. You are giving someone the trust and freedom to run the show from beginning to end and trusting them to consider all the variations and potential hiccups WHILE still having a great time in the process. That is a tough combination to find.

These considerations are two very important aspects of your reception that you DO NOT want to go “cut rate” on. Something else to consider is the bait and switch that many DJ’s will do when talking about prices. Watch out for the term “Starting at” because it is usually followed by some unreasonably ridiculous low fee that they will upsell. “Packages starting at $399 for 3 hours with $100 for each additional hour.” In my experience there is only one underlying reason to do this to potential clients. They don’t have confidence and belief in the service they are providing. They are afraid to discuss or publish the true fee because they are afraid to stand behind their service as quality. So these DJ’s will start you at a low fee, then when you actually “order” what you need… 5 hours of Music, full MC service throughout, lighting, and more… you end up paying so much more than that.

Ultimately… the bottom line is that paying a fee for wedding services rendered will always end up in a “get what you pay for” result. DJ and MC services are paramount to the success or lack of success of your wedding reception. Hire the best person you can for the job because those memories last a lifetime. You will regret trying to save yourself $100-200 by hiring a subpar DJ. In the grand scheme of a wedding and the lasting effect it will have, it is not worth it. You give up way too much quality to save a buck and I promise… you will wish you hadn’t. Ask any married woman in your life about their wedding DJ. They will all say the same thing. Either they loved who they had and wouldn’t change a thing, or they regretting trying to save a quick buck.