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The season is starting!

July 16th, 2013 | Posted by DJ Antonius in Uncategorized

Hey friends… it’s me, Sean.  I felt compelled to log on and write something today *

me introducing a couple that I couldn't see over the crowd!

me introducing a couple that I couldn’t see over the crowd!

*I wrote this star because this is where this Seattle Wedding DJ left off when I started writing this post months ago.  Dork.  My absence is due to a combination of factors… the main factor being I’m just so stinking busy…  Not with weddings, although that is true also, but just a lot of life events happening this spring and summer to compile the busy quotient. I am blessed beyond belief and NOT complaining by any stretch of the imagination… I just wish I could write more than I do.

This is my second “full season” in the wedding industry as a DJ and MC and I have observed so many things that I want to share… but I am having trouble organizing it all into intelligent thoughts to share… I hope to be writing more in the coming weeks as my days fill with getting to be a part of so many great people’s weddings!  As for now… I just wanted to write to write… getting something is the start… better than nothing anyway.

I have met amazing people.  Speaking first of others who decided to work in the Seattle Wedding industry as I have… it’s neat to start making friends with some folks that share similar interests, struggles, and insights into the same exact purpose we are all attempting to fulfill… adding our skill and passion to a team to pull off a great wedding day for someone.  One of the coolest things to come out of the last few months is the discovery of a Facebook group that includes all (virtually all I suppose) of the top, most reputable DJ/MC vendors in the Northwest.  We chat about venues, venue limitations, tips, tricks, share ideas and, for the most part, encourage each other and each other’s business to be better… pushing higher standards and hoping to shed a light on the professionalism that CAN come with a DJ/MC company (if, BIG IF, you choose to higher a top company)… it’s been fun to watch the news feed on that group…

Thanks for all the continued support from friends and family.  Thanks for all past and present clients for being great to work with, and for still choosing to refer me to YOUR friends and family after working with me… it’s the highest of compliments. I love this funny thing I do, and I am constantly thinking, stewing, researching, studying, and otherwise looking for ways to get better, in business as well as in the skills that I bring to the table as a DJ/MC. I’ll never stop trying to improve.



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